My choices….

Whenever I go out,I already plan ahead. And I don't know why when I ask for specific services they seems offensive but they still say nice to my face,while I hear some murmuring at the  background.Isnt it rude?It only happen that  I know what I want before I enter to that door or a salon.... Continue Reading →

Shoes and coat…

Today lets talk about shoes.Yey!Did you hear the excitement?I'm so into shoes  but the problem is,their is a big tendency that it will peel off, specially the leather one.So most of it,I gave it away. And now I stop buying for a while. This are the few one that I love the most. The key... Continue Reading →

Mythical Mermaid…..

Your voice is so mysterious That makes me want to dive in the sea I wanted to explore your beauty and your hidden identity I wanted to prove that lies on that beautiful creature is a heart of gold You made me insecure because you made the standard of what the beauty should look like... Continue Reading →

Mamypoko review

As parents,we want to give what's best to our kids. Pull-up diapers or pants type were such a big blessings to us. It's really easy to wear even when the kids were running around while you put it on. And it's also important that it's cotton and absorbent. I'm very skeptical in buying diapers because... Continue Reading →

Comfy outfit for kids

The Christmas season is coming. And most of us wanted our little girls be on season as well. Colorful outfits but comfortable at the same time. My twins are very playful. They move all the time,even when sleeping. So I always choose outfits that makes them comfortable all the time. So here's one of the... Continue Reading →


Ever feel like you can't make it? Like you just wanted to let life do it's magic. Most of the time we just want to setback and let it be without voicing our own thoughts.  Which is pretty normal in most cases. But..... Aren't you excited to get up each morning for the life that... Continue Reading →

Nikus Birthday

Birthday is about making another memories. Its the day of the year wherein I gave birth to my precious warrior.The time where I think the pain won't never go away if I won't push hard to let him out. And now all I hope is for him to be healthy and happy. For him to... Continue Reading →

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