A mother of twins and a toddler

It’s like looking in a perfect work of art ever created.  It was not planned but it’s perfect in any possible way.


I have a 3 month old son when I found out that I’m pregnant with twins.I was shocked and scared  of the responsibility.It was not meant   to happen. We have another plan at the time but everything  was  put behind. My husband and I need to do drastic decision. I need to quit my job and to focused on my pregnancy.

Carrying with twins was never easy. Everything should be monitored. I have a monthly ultrasound,to ensure our babies were growing okay on my womb. Sleeping became difficult as well as walking around. My emotions were at peak all the time. I’ve became a crying baby (blamed it to the hormones).My son became clingy, he wanted to be with me but I can’t carry him anymore.Im just glad I had a great mother in law who helped me when my husband was at work. We made it work all through out the pregnancy.


When the time of my delivery came,the pain was excruciating. But all the hard time was replaced with glorious victory because it was a normal delivery.Im thankful that everything went well.We stayed at the hospital for two days and after that I was able to hugged my son at home. He was jealous at first but after a quiet a while,he became fond of his younger sisters.Yes,they were both girls.

The journey was never easy but it’s all worth it.  We just need to be strong enough to accept all the unexpected challenges in life. Sometimes gifts were not found in boxes.


Hope I have inspired you to be ready for instant surprises in life.


Published by skepticalmommy

I'm a mother of three angels.Who knows how to have fun .

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