I do love the fact that Im able to take good care of my three kids but there are times that I just wanted to walk away and cry. Why? It’s just so hard to be a mother. Specially when they got sick or when all of them are not in the mood. I just don’t know who I need to attend first. So what I usually do is take a deep breath and remind myself that they will be okay and all of them will sleep soon.See? my motivation is quite simple.Yes,it’s not easy but my kids are the sweetest people I’ve known. They need me now more than ever. There little hands reminds me that my babies are the precious gift from God,who needs my attention and undying love.

Yes,I’m frustrated most of the time but it doesn’t mean I have a bad life. I’m very lucky because I was given this opportunity to be a mother and a friend to them. I can’t imagine my life without them in the picture. There smiles and laughter, overwhelmed my heart. It’s like I was given a constant rewards when I’m with them.
So for all mother’s who take good care of the precious gifts. Just breath and smile.Remind yourself that your doing fine. This little kiddos of ours will grow-up soon before we know it. Enjoy the moment and feel there love and attention. They all loves you. You’ll be okay.

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