Yes! diapers. I have 3 babies who constantly changed diapers every now and then. So what I usually do is hoarding diapers when it’s sale. There’s a lot of online store who offers big discounts on diapers and aside from that they also have voucher that you can use when you buy in bulk. Like Lazada,yes I’m a customer. When you purchase minimum of ₱1000.00 you can avail a voucher of ₱100.00 aside from the 20%-30% discount that they offer. That’s a lot of money to save. I constantly check there website for sale.

They don’t wear diaper in day time as well if possible. In that way they will feel fresh and diaper free for the day. That’s also a way to save.But at night time that’s impossible not to let them wear it.

Also I have a disignated jar for the budget on diapers. Every ₱5.00 and ₱10.00 should be put in there. It will be a headache in my part if I will took it out in our daily expenses. Specially when the budget is already been made and suddenly they ran out of diapers.
So there! hope this post is helpful to you. Enjoy the motherhood and be wise in spending your time and money for your babies.


8 thoughts on “Tips on how to save on diapers

  1. That’s a great way to save on diapers. Thanks for sharing this. Though, I don’t have a baby yet. 🙂 My sister-in-law saved a lot on diaper expenses by using washable ones. If you’re not squimish, it’s a good alternative, too. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you find it helpful.With the clothe diapers I do have high hopes to use it when I was pregnant but when the twins came,I can’t do it anymore. They changed every now and then and I also have a son whose 1 year old now. So it saves time for me using the disposable one.

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