My kids were my sunshine.They bring out the best of me. I become more patient and understanding. This were the gifts that I will treasure forever. At first I’m very skeptical if I can function well at home. I used to be okay alone. I have my own plans and I keep it that way. I can be with people and be happy and I can be alone but still happy. I don’t believe everyone needs someone to be contented. I have my own life but motherhood changed it. I tend to be a nicer person and a listener.  My kids were another story though. They have their own personality at young age and I  don’t want to change it a bit. I just hope that I can guide them to the right path.

I will be there no matter what. Whenever​ they need me or not. Now I understand my parents even more. Why they act so annoyingly sometimes. Yes, I love them to bits. But my kids enlighten me on how the world works on the other side. I’m now a mother and they were my children. This is indeed a happy journey. A ride that’s full of surprises and fun.

This is the life I don’t plan but I always wanted. God really knows to do His plan accordingly. It came the least you expect it. A reminder that each of us has its own path to walk and conquer. May all our plans be blessed though.

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