I’m a woman who knows what she wants in life. Everything is in the checklist. I wanted to dress up as much as possible and to wear comfortable clothes when I’m home. Growing up I was told how a girl should act but since I don’t like to be controlled I do the other way around. I do love to explore a lot of things. I don’t give up easily. I’m motivated and stubborn.

So when I found out I’m pregnant I’m a bit shock but not afraid. I know I can be a good mother but not quite sure being an obedient wife. I’m a sensitive person and I don’t forget all the wrong doings that have done to me.My husband on the other hand was very eager to get married for the sake of our child. What the heck?it was not plan and I’m not gonna marry someone just because I’m pregnant. His patient though but not as much as me. All throughout the pregnancy was a roller coaster. We almost not make it. A lot of things happened​.

When the baby was born,it was a tremendous experience. I now have a little buddy who can join my journey and travelling.

His the best gift that I ever had. Nikus is a talkative baby.Full of energy and very clingy. His giving me hard time to go back to work. It do pained me to leave him for my job. So to make the story short I quit my job and find another one that was suitable for my schedule. Then when I got started I found out I’m pregnant again with twins while nikus was just 3 months.For goodness sake!What I’m gonna do?

My pregnancy was delicate. So I need to be extra careful. So we decided that I need to quit my job and be a full time mother. Eventually we got married and promised each other to be a better parents for our children.

My kids are the precious gifts from God. I don’t want to change a thing. Their maybe plans that was left behind but I know there are better opportunity for us. And having my husband in my side, I know everything is possible. It’s hard to be a mother but it’s harder to be a woman and a wife. 

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