As a woman I wanted to be appreciated and loved. I have high expectation with my husband to be more cheesy and loving that turns out to be a disappointment. I forgot he also has a different view of how to took good care of his wife. Which turns me out as a cold one. It’s not my intention to be mean,I just want him to do cheesy things which he interpreted that I’m not giving him credit to be a good husband. It really took time to adjust.  I learn to be more understanding towards his actions. I don’t want to change him even if I want too. Theirs a lot of twist and turns along the way but nothing can harm the both of us by talking and voicing out our differences.

As adults we need to grow for our own sanity. Raising kids and familiarizing each other is really a challenge. I was warned for this,I’m just in denial that I’m prepared for everything. I’m always a crying baby. A sensitive cold blooded mammal. My husband think I’m arrogant and I think his ridiculous.See? in marriage,it’s not always candies and rainbows. Theirs also thunderstorms and typhoons. Which will blow you away and hit the very core. But don’t you worry. The next and following days will be different. The day will be over and your going to rest and sleep the heartbreak and tears. I’m so dramatic on this part. But yes! the morning will come out soon and I will be happy again,I will be happy again.

26 thoughts on “Maybe you can learn from my mistake

  1. I packed my bag to leave on several occasions in our early daysโ€ฆ Iโ€™m so glad that something always held me back. We grew stronger because of all those โ€˜learning journeysโ€™ we went through and we just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. My advice.. read the book called Men are from Mars Women are from Venus.. it explains a lot about how differently we think.. Great post โ€“ thanks x

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    1. Wow! congratulations for the 35th wedding anniversary.I’ll check it out.Maybe I can learn more in that book.Were just delicate individual that’s why we got hurt easily.It may hard to admit but we just love them that much to walk away that fast.

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      1. and what an amazing relationship we’d miss out on if we did.. I’m very glad I didn’t but I won’t pretend it wasn’t ‘tough’ sometimes learning to live together in those early days.. xx

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      2. I can imagine,were still in our early days.Its like enough is really not enough at all.Sometimes it’s like someone steal the limited edition lipstick and you wanted a world war but you can’t because it seems like your show is for general patronage and not under super parental guidance.Lol!
        What a life,it’s funny sometimes.

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      3. Haha – that’s really comical.. Sometimes we need to put on a different pair of glasses to see things from a slightly different angle.. Life is pretty simple really and I remember how complicated it used to feel… x

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      4. It is.And when I lecture him about the laundry basket and its usage,I look like an alien to!T-shirt here and there and everywhere.How I made simple things complicated.Everyday is a new story to tell and adventure to learn.No boring Day at all.

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  2. We have different ways of expressing love. We really cannot expect people to always behave to our own liking. Their personalities are unique and different.

    I think that one of the best ways to get the most of a loving relationship is to learn to speak each otherโ€™s love language.

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    1. Yes!and I’ve learned it the hard way. We have our own liking and sometimes my husband have lots of ways to ruined it.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
      I guess lots of understanding are needed for long lasting relationship.

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