We all heared the sacrifices of all the mother but how about the story of the father? Personally,when I first started this family journey I thought my husband take it less seriously than I do. But he proved me wrong in all levels.His very hands on with the kids. Even if his tired after work,he still have lots of energy to let the kids sleep at night. He knows what the kids wants and what’s needed through out the day.He always remind me of all the things that should have done.Yes,his not perfect but his trying his very best for our children. When I buy something,he always ask me if its really suitable for the kids or asked me to check it in Google if its really the best.Wow!this guy is different and he got 💯%.

I forgot sometimes all his sacrifices in this family.Were new in this field and we’re doing  our try and error process.When I’m complaining how hard it is to look after the kids and how the postpartum affects me or how my sanity is,he will just answer me with” Ma,it’s normal.We need to go through all of this.Its not always a happy story but it’s all worth it.We can make it for the kids.” And my heart melts and I don’t know how it was able to come back in shape. My husband is a gentle soul.He loves his family. This guy is not perfect but his worth the fight. We will still face a lot of heartaches and disappointments and betrayal for sure but it’s okay.We just need to choose the person who can hurt us and heal us at the same time.The story will still continue on the other side while I’m creating mine here. One coin but two views should be seen. We have different perspective but don’t forget the value of the people around.You’re not the only one who’s doing all the dirty work and the laundry.You have your partner and please make them feel valued and love. They also need appreciation and recognition for keeping up with us.



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