It’s really important to take things in better prospective, like wearing clothes.Wear less folks! You don’t need to wear too much specially in our hot weather in the Philippines.It will make you feel fresh without taking or wearing that much.Also in life,we need to take it slow.Enjoy the scenery and don’t mind the business of other people. If you’ll take things personally, you’ll be hurt.

We have our own limit in life.Dont over do a lot of things. Look at the bright side and enjoy.In this competitive world whose expecting us to be perfect,be careless.Be bold and show them that less is still cool. Less stress, negative vibes and drama.

Yes!Less is still perfect.Dont hesitate to be free from worries and burden.Tell yourself;Today I’ll be less perfectionist and dramatic.Things may not be according to plan but I’ll find ways for an alternative.This will be the day to be happy.


4 thoughts on “Why less is perfect​?

  1. I sold a lot of things form my house yesterday and some in charity shop. So refreshing to clear the place and have less clutter. We’re starting to wear more clothes in Scotland because the temperature is getting cooler 😦

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    1. Decluttering is really refreshing.Glad you enjoy doing so.Please say my Hello to the cold weather in Scotland.Hope it has time to visit in the Philippines.😄😄😄 It’s kinda hot here. Cold weather has its perks sometimes.We just need to enjoy every season.
      I’m hoping your doing fine,don’t catch some colds though.😊😊😊

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