Motherhood still rocks!!!

Since today is a happy day for me, I wanted to share my style and favorite outfits.

Yes!I’m a mother and also a woman.I don’t believe in the saying that when you reach motherhood,you will also look like one. This is a new generation and I want to inspire my children to always be a better version of their selves.

So there it goes.

We all have different responsibility but please don’t forget to take good care of yourself.We are entitled to our own being. Nurture the gift and continue to grow.We cannot give something we don’t have,so it always starts from within. Yes,it’s a challenge but it’s not impossible.Dont stop making yourself happy in order to give more happiness to the people around.

It’s not a crime to take good care of ourselves. We just gave birth to beautiful and loving babies.Its time to take extra care to the body who made it possible to happen.
Stay happy and productive.


8 thoughts on “Motherhood still rocks!!!

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  1. Yes it starts from within. And I love this: “Dont stop making yourself happy in order to give more happiness to the people around.”

    True! We shouldn’t be attempting to make ourselves happy by finding someone; we have to find happiness first and then find someone to share it with.

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    1. Glad you like it Jason.We just need to realize that happiness isn’t something we need to find outside.Its already there.
      Waiting to be discovered.
      Have a nice day.



  2. Yes! The best Mummy you can be is a healthy, happy, confident one – of course you would do anything for your children, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop living for yourself. Happy Mummy = Happy Baby!

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