We all wear a mask every day,so why not wear the mask of happiness.Yes! happiness. Sound familiar? It’s so easy to be mad and frustrated and throw all the bullshit to someone or something. Feels like your nostrils were flaring and fire will go out in your mouth.And then you remember you just bought a set of anti aging cream and being mad and angry will be no good for your routine.😉😉😉

It sounds funny but yes we need to be reminded why we need to be calm and relax.A dose of happiness will not hurt your pocket nor your pride. If you don’t like something say it or walk away from it. Period.Dont let yourself trap to this scheme of loneliness. A smile from someone made us smile so why not do the same to others? This world will be better if we know how to see the goodness​ of everyone. And I’m hoping you will see why you should be happy.


8 thoughts on “The mask

      1. This trick works for me.
        Whenever I had a terrible day,I look in the mirror and smile.
        Mirror is the reflection of our inner thoughts and we tend to forget it.So when I see myself pouting and looking terrible,I fix myself right away.
        Thanks to the mirror though.

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