It’s the hidden words behind the smile.The kind that makes your heart melt and your energy boost. The words that we kept in ourselves while letting the moment last as possible.We also tend to be the bearer of the wrong message when we’re angry. We say things out of our frustration that we wish we haven’t said because behind those harsh words lies  a child begging to be loved,cared and was just seeking for attention.If only we says what we really wanted to say when we’re in pain.Maybe life becomes easier.Maybe they will understand what we really wanted. 

Just like a child whose incapable to say what they want.Who whined and cry,when all she wanted is a hug from you.We don’t realise but we also act like one in our daily lives.Unable to say the right words at the right time that lead to heartbreak and frustration.Yes!why is it so hard to say the truth?Always saying your doing fine when your bleeding inside. Convincing yourself that’s it’s the right things to say when you knew in the first place that it’s not.Maybe those unspoken words will bring so much joy and happiness in your life.Why not practicing yourself in telling the truth instead of hiding your real emotion and saying the other way around.

Your human.Capable to adapt in anything under any circumstances.But please don’t be a victim of your own destructive self.Whenever you need love,say it.When your tired,rest.Instead of pushing the people around.

Be the person who you badly want when you need help.Be the person whose logical enough to solve the problem.And be a child whose careless enough to say what she wants and who fight furiously just to get it.
Happy weekend everyone.


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