Our society teach us how to act to every situation but whenever I look at my kids,it was taken for granted.Why?I don’t want them to live a life that consists of rules who was created by someone I don’t know and does exist in my grandparents era.Dont get me wrong but I don’t want to compromise my childrens learning and happiness for the sake to be  In ,in the societies eyes.They can believe whatever they want and I’ll stick with mine. My kids,my ways.

When my son was less than a year,I cut his hair because it was summer season.It was so hot and I heard a lot because it should only be done when he reaches the age of one.What?his uncomfortable with it and why should I need to wait for more months.I don’t understand and they don’t understand me either.As if I care though.When I introduce different fruits and veggies to my girls,I was question because it may upset their stomach but feeding them biscuits and other stuff was okay because I should not deprived them from yummy foods.What the heck??? Process food and junk foods were fine over nutritious foods. I really don’t get the idea. I don’t need to do whatever​ they say because my childrens health and wellness is on top of my priority,not their approvement.

People always have a say on how my children should be brought up and how they should act but they cant tell me what I needed​ to do. My kids were the kindest and the sweetest people that I know. Very gentle and high spirited. I would not cut their wings if they would like to soar high.

I will be the wind beneath their wings and their number one supporter. I would not tolerate bad behaviour but I will not also critize their own choices in life for the sake to be In. I would be glad to be out ,if doing so will bring success and happiness to my kids.

Their number one fan,



7 thoughts on “Are you in or out??

  1. Aww, this is nice, Ate. Ako palagi ko rin sinasabi sa self ko na kapag nagka-baby ako, I don’t want them to grow up na ganito o ganyan all because of rules. Parang ayoko na maranasan nila ‘yung naranasan ko noon na pakiramdam ko my parents don’t trust me enough para makapag-decision on my own, mga ganung bagay..

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    1. Salamat.Their intention is good naman kasi,hindi lang maganda ang proseso.Okay lang makinig sa sinasabi nila pero kung alam mong Mali,wag muna lang sundin.
      Lahat naman tayo may karapatan na gawin ang alam nating Tama.
      Kaya pag naging magulang ka na,gawin mo kung ano ung mas makakabuti sa mga bata.

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