Picture is not mine,credited to the owner.

Doing the laundry is my part time job as a mom, amongst other things.Hahaha!Yes!you heard it right.Just a sideline.Usually the normal routine of my laundry session was,put a water at the washing machine together with the powder detergent.Put all the precious clothes and let the washing machine do his job to clean it and after that wash it again at the basin to get rid of all the bubbles and residue of the detergent.  Soak it in the water with the fabric conditioner and finally put in the dryer.I guess everyone is pretty knowledgeable of what I’m talking about right?Unless I’m just a poor soul doing this all over again per week. But I found out an easier way to do it.

Yey!I’m really tired of washing the clothes after I got it in the washing machine.You know all the stubborn bubbles that was there..it’s a pain in the back.I need to wash it twice or thrice just to have a clean clothes ready to be soak in the fabric conditioner.So one of our relatives told me,that’s it’s easier to put the clothes on the dryer after I wash it in the machine.Then wash it again in the clean water.And yes!it’s much easier for me.Those rainbow colored bubbles were no longer a headache.Yay!since it’s already dry,so I just need to wash it once or twice (depending on the clothes I’m washing and the color of the water).Yes!Then I’ll soak it right away to the fabcon water and put it in the dryer once again and I’m done!!!

It saves a lot of water and time. Hope you had a happy laundry time.😊😊😊

laundry girl of the day,


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