The picture is not mine,credited to the owner.

Theirs a lot of perks being a mom,one of them is a sponge of all the stress in the family.Yeah! something that makes your skin draw  fine lines and wrinkles and not to mention it cause the mask of aging tremendously obvious. So in times like this I usually clean the house.Yes!you heard it right.I wanted to organise my thoughts by cleaning.Physically active clears my mind and it create a positive aura of the house.Who wants a messy home anyway?

Getting rid of negative thoughts don’t need to be expensive.It just needs to be taken off in your system.Do something that makes your heart beat fast and make sure it’s something productive. We can’t control the situation but we can choose our own perspective in life.
Stay healthy and active.

Happy cleaning.!!

From the domestic hands-on mom,

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