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This just one of my wish list.I wanted to learn but don’t want to spend money for it.Im a certified kuripot (Miser) .Kill me now.

Any suggestions how I can learn it at home? I will really appreciate it.

Hopeful mom,

33 thoughts on “I wanted to learn French.

    1. I’ve tried but I failed..i just watch youtube.When I copy what they say,I sound like an alien.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Maybe I need more patience and a lot of learning. I’ll try that for sure.
      Thank you.


    1. I got this app a couple of months ago, and it really is good for learning a new language. I can’t belive how much I’ve learnt in such a small space of time!

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      1. Of course, hon. I’m glad I made your day, and thank you, you have a wonderful weekend as well! ❀


  1. I use Duolingo app. Also, I listen to a lot of podcast and audios. Over a year of studying and I still suck at French. It is just so complicated. It helps when you have someone to talk to for practice. But anyway, good luck. πŸ™‚

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  2. Well Lothy, I have an easy and fun way for you to learn French: keep visiting my blog! Yep, It is written in both English and French (my first language). After reading the post in English, check the French version. After a while, you will recognize some words and develop more and more vocabulary. It is the first step to learn a new language. You can also try audio tapes or watch T.V. shows and films (watch the original version with written translation). Like everything else it takes dedication and work. To learn how to write in French is a little bit hard, but it’s a lot easier to learn to speak the language. Oui, je te le dis: tu peux si tu le veux vraiment! Bonne chance. *Translation: Yes, I’m telling you: you can if you really want to! Good luck. -Dominique

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  3. you can listen to songs in French and find out its write to write translation lyrics. then learn the song in French. ding it around. you will be amazed how many words one song can teach you in a fun way. The words become unforgettable too! πŸ™‚


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