Long weekend is almost over but my chores isn’t.Can I have an extension please.??πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
I was cleaning and found unnecessary things in our cabinets. My old notebook in high school.Yes!I still have it and some books. This things mean so much for me. All the emotion and memories came back like it was just yesterday. Who would thought that those old stuff still survive but my important documents isn’t. I lost it and I don’t know how and who took it. But this stuff???I securedly bring it with me, whenever and wherever I am. Maybe because it’s a reminder of how colorful my life was,Is. Those were the time that I took time to wrote my poems and how beautiful the world in my point of view. The time that I went home and my loving father was there,giving me his joyful laughs.How he inspired me to be kind and happy. That sharing is a way of loving.That every mistake is a new experience to learn more and do better the next day.How he called me coward when I was wounded and making fun of me while attending to my wound. The days that his songs made me asleep. Those conversations that made me laugh and cry.

Oh Papa!you never failed to make me cry. Your an inspiration of my parenting to my kids.Your a constant reminder that life is full of joke waiting to be told and laugh. I still sing your favorite bisaya songs.  And guess what?your grandchildren still hears your song through me.

I know your doing okay. God is really good to make you rest too soon. He doesn’t want you to get tired.He wants to pamper you in heaven due to your kindness here on earth.But I wouldn’t lie,my heart still bleeds with your absence. It’s been ten years but still the loneliness still there. 

I miss you pa.Thank you for the love and time.I love you,we love you.

From the emotional daughter of the day,


15 thoughts on “Emotion overload..!!!

  1. Thank you for sharing this sweet dedication to your Papa. The beauty of writing is we can get those emotional overloads compiled into bearable breakdowns. Sending thoughts of strength and healing your way.

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