We had a busy week.Christmas is coming again..!!You may laugh at me but hey!It’s  Ber months already. Im starting to make DIY projects.The moment that it’s finish,I’ll post it here to give you some idea of making your home a merry christmas without spending too much.And again my inspiration is my kids. The reason of our happiness. My husband and I were trying our very best to make their life easier.
Lexi got skin allergy last week too but it’s okay now and the two kids were energetic as ever.Were just happy that now they know how to play and to enjoy the toys and the company that they have. As a mom I want them to be safe all the time and then I checked my Facebook account and saw a post that says, If  you don’t let anything happens to your kids, nothing will really happened to them.  Im guilty to this one. I thought I’m doing a good job for not letting them do things thats unsafe for them to do but hey!how will they learn if I will stop them from trying. So now I tried my best not to be overprotective to our kids. I need to untie the string a little bit so they can explore and enjoy the things that they love to do. Even though it means having a bruise here and a bumps there. I know I sound a dramatic grandma here but can you blame a mom like me?

Anyways children always wants to play and to explore.Things that we stop when we reach our legal age. We just want to find a Job and to make some living. Yes!we stop exploring things because we thought were too old for this and that which is really wrong.Why don’t we have some fun sometimes. And don’t be scared to try something new.Life is a continuous journey to learn and enjoy.

I hope you treasure your bundled of joy as well.


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