When I was pregnant with nikus,I do gain weight.Specially with the twins.My size was triple than usual.I drink a lot of cold water.Ive got UTI during the pregnancy and I’m not a water drinker at all.It was a challenge because a lot of people told me that drinking cold drinks will make the baby big inside my womb but I can’t drink anything when it’s not cold.So my OB told me that it’s definitely okay to do so. Eating fruits like watermelon also helps a lot of my thirst.I was also advise to eat banana and elevate my feet if possible to avoid varicose veins. I usually eat mashed avocado with  mango.I also put condensed milk and freeze it. I can eat it all day.I really love it!!!pregnant or not.
There are lots of don’t says that we often hear during pregnancy but only believe to your OB.Drinking your vitamins and eating veggies and fruits were really a must.Try to get some rest as possible.  Being too emotional is also a part of it. Your hormones is all over the place.And it was never easy to hide your feelings most of the time. You may feel to over eat but please dont. Take everything in moderation. You may also find your self not presentable.With a round face and a bulky body.Fine!it’s not picture perfect but your carrying the gift that was so precious.Enjoy every minute of it. Your body is doing a good job in taking good care to the both of you.Also during pregnancy don’t forget to moisturize your skin and wear sun block​.We value our skin and taking extra care of it will not do harm to the body.Just make sure your using the appropriate lotion for you and the baby.

Wear comfortable outfit.It will make life easier.And after you gave birth to your precious ones.Try to breastfeed as possible. It’s like your saving money for the future and also making sure your baby got all the healthy nutrients.It will not be easy. Trust me.You need support on this but you will be fine.

Getting back in shape don’t happen in one day. Just take it easy.Just take good care of your health and don’t forget to move around. You’ll be surprised.Those extra pounds has gone already and your doing fine.Enjoy the motherhood and welcome to the club.🎉🎉🎉🎉


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