To the mini-me who made my days filled with happiness and love.

Thank you.

You bring so much joy in my life.Like a wave touches it shore.Who paint perfect curve by its wave.Like a moon peeping in the sky when the darkness come.Who made life majestic in its perfection.Youre like a cool breeze in a cold night.So cool that I wanted to spend each night with you.

My beloved.Each day is like eternity.Filled with love and awesomeness. You’re truelly is a blessing to everyone.Rest assured,mama is here.Even the road ahead is still hidden.We will figure out how to win each race and to find better ways to make the journey more fun and exciting.

From your awesome mom,

12 thoughts on “To my little man.

      1. Feel the same Lothy. Weekend was OK. I had to work so It was not super special but I had some very good moments with my kids and also nice exchange with bloggers. It makes me happy. Wish you a lovely week as well.

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