I was able to purchased the Olay regenerist for only ₱899.00,during the Lazada sale last year.Yes!i bought products  on sale even if I don’t used it yet. The normal price for that is around ₱1,600.00 if I’m not mistaken.I used it when I noticed fine lines and wrinkles on my face.Goodness!I’m only 28 yrs. of age but I look older than I should be.I was very stress and my skin were very transparent in showing it. Good thing I purchased it. It works as it says.Its very light in the face and it absorbs fast.I just don’t like the smell of the Olay  regenerist miracle boost.But all in all,it’s good in the skin.

Also,the Olay day cream is superb. I like the smell and how it works in my skin during the day. It’s a good team work with the Olay regenerist. Again,if you wanted to try products,buy it on sale. You will get the same result but your not paying the same price.I bought this for only ₱299.00.And yes!it’s sale when I bought it.
As a mom,I don’t have time to wear make-up,specially going out.I can imagine the face of my husband when he saw how many products I used for a single face. Horrible!If only he knew how much I’m spending just to buy all of it.😂😂😂

So now I’m trying to take good care of my skin.So I can go out with a bare face.Im super busy the whole day so a simple a regime works best for me.

12 thoughts on “Olay,oh Olay!

    1. Thanks to Olay.😁😁😁
      Maybe I’m exaggerating for looking too old but seriously after giving birth,my skin look so dull and dry.Fine lines is very obvious when I look in a mirror.It seems like my youthful look was gone.What I actually saw was a woman whose very tired and was old for her age.So I need to help my skin to recover.


  1. I have been using Olay for decades. I went back and forth from Chanel and all the other high end products and Olay still out did them. I am 63 years old and can honestly say the best product you can ever put on your skin is sunscreen. So use that first and always. You won’t be unhappy when you get to my age. Trust me, I love my skin and I attribute it to the sunscreen and using moisterizers all these years… even on the humid days.

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