If your one of the very few who read my blogs.You know how my marriage life was tested.And to move forward I deleted the story that I post.Im proud to say that I’m happy on where I am right now.As a woman I really have high hopes that all my dreams will come true.It says that you need to tell the universe what you want and don’t try to be broad,be specific. Attract all the positive energy and put it in your core. I actually tried it.I was thinking about money.So I made a mantra. I want more money,money and money. I say it all day. So as I was walking I actually saw a ₱1.00 in the street and as I keep on walking I saw more coins and ₱20.00 bill. I’m the only one on the street at that time so I picked it up.See?you get what you focused on. We all have desires,we just need to focus on it one by one.We need to realize what’s  our priority. Theirs a lot of potential in this world waiting to be discovered.And right now I’m focusing on my kids. 

Yes!my kids were the center of my universe and in just few months Nikus will be turning to 2 and my twins will be turning to 1year old. Yey!how time flies.What I realized is,the time will continue to go on without me,so why not make the most of it?Make more happy memories . Generate more income while staying at home.Know how to budget and where to buy cheap product with good quality.Know how to DIY and to enjoy all of  the above.Just do what makes your heart beat fast and what made you motivated. It’s a dosage that we need to inject in our  lives,just like bathing.We recommend it daily.

So right now, I’m actually looking for ideas on how to make my twins birthday a memorable one.Im hoping I can come up before  November. So there it goes. Hope you have a motivated day.

10 thoughts on “The early morning thoughts

  1. At this age, they won’t remember it Lothy. But you will! Take some pictures to show them later. Your kids might not remember their birthday but they will fell the joy. They will know that it is a special day. You don’t have to do much: music, a cake, some amusing activities like throwing foam balls, catching bubbles, play with a big bowl of uncook rice… Activities for the kids and the family members so everyone can join in the fun. Good luck!

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    1. Ako palagi.Dati lang di ko pinupulot kasi nawawalan ako ng mas higit pa.Parang lugi ako.😂😂😂
      Pero ngayon keri na.Iniisip ko kasi dati na mawawalan ako pagkinuha ko yon,kaya siguro ganun din ang nangyayari.
      Ngayon iba na.Pera din yon ah.😂😂😋
      Hmmm.Oo parehas silang november.Si nikus Nov.4 then si hubby at twins nov.30.
      Pero out of the picture na si hubby,malaki Na siya eh!char lang.😹😹😹


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