I’ve been so busy and not feeling well for the past weeks. My kids were growing so fast and I don’t know how to delay the process.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Yes!it’s scary and exciting at the same time. Seeing this kids development is something I’m always thankful of. And also I wanted to talk about the responsible family planning. With Nikus, I don’t think of it right away. Because I have this perception that I won’t conceived that fast because I’m breastfeeding​ and I’m safe. But the truth is,I’m very wrong in all aspects. I was not ready for any of this. 

When I gave birth to the twins,I took pills after a month. Normally,the medical staff will tell you to take pills on the first day of your menstruation but I just wanted to make sure. They also agree with me knowing I still have a 1 year old baby.

 Also their are lots of discomfort of using it. In my case I was always sleepy and irritated. I often had headache as well. So I suggest you try other brands which will be suitable for you. And this is the worst case. I got my menstruation back after 10 months. Yes!it’s scary in my part. I was really in pain. I had a flu and now I’m just having a migraine. We’ve been in good terms for 3 days now.
I was not warned about this. When I think of contraception before,I thought it’s just easy. All you have to do is to drink the pills and that’s it. But obviously it’s not. Couples should think first of what will be best for the both of them. We do have lots of options to choose. Taking care of the kids is not an easy job nor being pregnant. We’re responsible of their future so we need to have a concrete plan. 


4 thoughts on “Sorry for being MIA

      1. Ito na nga,feeling ko talaga were meant to be. Kasi kahit anong iwas ko,nagkakasalubong parin kami.
        Siya na ata talaga ang poreber ko.


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