This beautiful flower in our window reminds me to be appreciative in life. That after every struggle is another story to be created. To never stop believing that life offer a lot of choices every day. That we just need to wake up and move around because life goes on.

Also as mother,we wanted to be the best protector to our children. That we seldom forgot that we are also a wife to our husband. I’m really guilty on this part. Last week  I was not able to cook for my husband because I was so busy with the kids and not feeling well at the same time. I didn’t hear any complain from him. I know he would understand. I was really tired and I feel like a zombie. I forgot he got tired too. From the heavy traffic and working, I know only superman would not complain. But then again he was so understanding. He still took good care of the kids at night and letting me relax for a bit. Im beyond grateful. Then last Sunday I bought some groceries so I can cook again. And I was so surprised by his message last Monday.He said, Ma  Im very happy I have a delicious lunch.I really like it when you cook for me. I love you.

It strikes me! My husband also needs my time and attention. A simple gestures and cooking bring so much joy to him. I’m not alone in this attention hunting. We both need each other to win this game. So now I’m trying my very best to spare some time with him without compromising our kids needs. We all need someone to be there for us. Someone who will make us feel love and appreciated. Someone who will makes our world stop even for a while. Just for a while.Even just for a while.

The guilty wife,


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