When you got married you actually have the right to pull anybody’s hair to protect your marriage. You have your territory and it’s yours, all yours. You need to be independent and bold. Capable of setting boundaries. Don’t be discouraged if you feel like your not doing a good job. It takes time to truelly familiarize your job description in your family. 
Also you need to monitored your husbands activities. It’s not necessary asking him every day. Do it quitly. Be vigilant and open minded. Theirs a lot of lurking monsters in this world. You need to know who to keep an eye with.  If you have an access to his social medias account,check it once in a while. You will be surprised. I’m not telling you not to trust your husband, I just want you to be posted to whatever his hobbies are,a.k.a who his chatting to when your not around.

Usually, men delete all the transactions on their phone but darling you can look to his Phone history or his favorites on his contacts. You need to be wiser than your husband. Yes! we need to level up on what a woman should be capable of.  Also, I have this habit of confronting anyone who I feel like being extra friendly to my husband. Woman instinct never ever been wrong. Follow your instinct but gather first all the information to back up your point of view. Don’t go to battlefield unprepared.

We always prepared our future. Getting an insurance and save,save,save. So why not applied it in your marriage? Do everything you can to keep it alive and safe .Don’t just woke up,cook,clean the house and take good care of the kids. Be active!Do things that makes you happy and productive.And above all,if you need to scrub someone in the floor  to keep your marriage safe,then go! They should learn the value of backing off before they will turn into a mop. A noisy stubborn mop who don’t know its place in your life.

The vigilant wife,


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