As a parent,we always want to be the right one. Always be the authority in the house. We sometimes forget that our kids were different individuals. They have different interest and talents that they want to explore. This are the reasons why.

1. This is a way for them to learn. To be able to explore their talents.

2 .They have different desires and needs. Needs that are way far different from ours.

3.This is the time that they’re creating their own path. We just need to be their own supporter.

4.They have their own journey to be fulfilled. Don’t cut their wings so soon if you don’t agree with them. Just guide them all through out. Period.
5.They will be responsible for their actions. You actually teaching them to be independent.
Now,it’s our duty to trust them. To let them do their own thing. Hoping that it will lead to a better path. Knowing that equipping them the knowledge and skills at early age will help them to be prepared in the real world.


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