Ever feel like you were left alone? Down and devastated. Like the world was telling you,your such a loser and everyone is winning. Don’t you worry. Your not alone. We have the right to be lonely. To feel sorry for our own doings. That’s actually a good sign that your fully aware of what’s going on in your life. Determine what’s the problem and make a solution out of it.  
I’ve been depressed before. I can’t find a job right away. I feel like I’m a useless individual. I don’t talk a lot and I sleep as long as I can.  They misinterpreted it as laziness. The more that I don’t talk to them, the more I heared a lot of speculation about me. I was angry to them but not as much as I hate myself. I can’t find a way to cope up. So I used the situation to motivate me to do better.  I attend seminars and after that I landed my dream job. The more they belittle  my ability,the more I insist that I can get what I want. That I won’t settle for anything less. They call this pride, I called this DREAM. 
I have my own dream. Im determined to get it. Maybe for them I’m just lazy and stubborn. But we are different people. We have unique ability to achieve our dreams. And I won’t waste mine because they say so. Words can have a big impact in our lives. They leave scars that only you can see. This world is not a fairytale with happy endings but this world will be better if we support each other in trying times.
Be kind. You will never know how much it means for someone who need it the most. We may not be fine all the time but that’s perfectly​ okay. When someone gives you a hard time,prove to them that their actions won’t reflect yours. Your the adult in the picture.
Just always,always remember. Your gifted and capable to do anything you want. Life is not perfect but we can create memories that will last a long time. Just don’t give up on yourself.


26 thoughts on “Don’t give up!

  1. Yep. I got real good friends with it… then explode into space.
    Do unto others… and they can keep giving me hell. We do not become as them.
    Bite the bullet and sing through your soul however you feel

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  2. Some very worth-while thoughts there. Thank you for following my blog. I hope you will gain some pleasure from the mix of photography and of (occasionally) history,, ancient and modern. Des.

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  3. Such an inspiring post. Reflecting the stark realities of our times, yet so encouraging and motivating.
    It’s so important that we keep hope alive and continue to march towards our dreams. We will eventually get there.
    Thank you very much for sharing. Stay blessed dear!🌷

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