The workshop was a success!
I am beyond grateful with the opportunity. I learned a lot from Engr. Grace. She’s very accommodating and entertaining while discussing the topic.I actually tried to do the post real time but my internet connection didn’t allow me to do so. But aside from that, everything goes well. All the topics were interesting. I was also had the opportunity to meet some of the wonderful people in Biyaheko travel agency and some awesome Pinoy bloggers.
It’s really nice to have this kind of event. It opens a lot of opportunities. It also gives a chance to learn more in this kind of platform. Aside from that,we have freebies!

Yes!we have GC. No one goes home without one. We’re really happy with it. And I’m hoping to attend more workshop. To be more informed and educated to the latest trend of the blogging industry.

A thankful kid here,

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