My Nikus is now enjoying exploring his food.His very curious and cute at the same time. So it makes me realized,pure happiness is something that we enjoy. It doesn’t need to be expensive,it just need to be genuine.

Kids now a days, is a constant reminder that we just need to live life day by day.  It doesn’t need to be complicated.  Since we’ve become stress for the slightest turn of events that doesn’t favor to us. That we forgot we have so much to be thankful for.
Like the other day,I’ve lost some money that I work so hard for. I’m the kind who stick with my budget.So it freaks me out and made me wanna scream. Then opportunities knocks. I was able to meet some of the wonderful people whose very passionate with their dreams. They told me to just be calm and go on with my life. Just focus on the good things. And they were totally right.
Each day we were tested in different levels and dimensions. To strengthen us and makes us realize that their so much more behind our comfort zone. We just need to test the water before diving in.
Yes!we need to declare that were truly blessed.In that way,were attracting all the good things in life. Life is so much fun. It will make you thrilled and sometimes gives you goosebumps. Just broaden your mindset. Good things comes to those who truly fight for what they live for.

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