As a mother,were always on the go. It’s convenient to have comfortable outfits but stylish at the same time.A short and a tiger print will never go wrong. Pair it with a bangle and a cute backpack to put all the necessary stuff thats needed.
 A good pair of shoes should also be considered.  The first thing that a person look at is your shoes. Yes! unconsciously that’s always the first. Also I  learned not to wear skirts when I’m with my kids. They have the tendency to play around and they like to “take a boo” between legs. Totally not a good idea.😉😉😉
 It’s also nice to have a good camera. To be able to capture good quality photos. I’m using Canon EOS M3.So far,so good. I’m still trying to explore it and make it my best friend. 

There!hope everyone is having a good time. And  a big thank you for dropping by.


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