The most important part of the day is breakfast. It will fuel you through out the day. As a mother,I always try my best to cook if I can. My husband really appreciate it when I cook for him. So it’s really a challenge but it’s all worth it.

I also like to experiment on food. Im not afraid to try something new. That’s the good thing about cooking. If some of the ingredients weren’t there,you can substitute something else. Just like in life,if things doesn’t go on plan. Then you can go to option number 2,3,4 and so on….

Never afraid to do something new.

12 thoughts on “What’s in the table?

  1. “Never afraid to do something new.” Well said. You connected your cooking thoughts to real life thoughts. My mom does the same. Sometimes she fails but now she creates new and delicious dishes.
    Great words. Live well.


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