2 packs of Miswa

1 can spicy sardines

1 egg

1 cup of malunggay leaves







  Saute garlic and onion. Add the spicy sardines  and put 2 glass of water.Im doing this because I don’t want my Miswa to have so much water on it. But it depends in your choice. Bring it to boil. Then, add your Miswa together with your chicharon and malunggay leaves.Leave it for 5 mins or until your Miswa is cook. Put salt and pepper, its according to your taste. Lastly, put the egg.

 When ramen is so popular now a days. We also don’t forget the Miswa that’s so popular in our households.
Aside from the fact that’s it’s affordable,it’s also easy to cook and prepare. It will took about 20 mins and your good to eat.😉😉
My children wants food early in the morning.  And this one is a good choice for instant food. It’s healthy and Im the one cooking it so I know it’s good for them.
We can have lots of option to choose. We just need to invent our most convenient one.


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