Whenever​ we hear a party loot bags,were looking forward for toys and surprises. For kids,this is the icing of the cake. This is something that they look forward to.
When you purchased this in a party organizer this will cost you ₱60.00 per loot bag. It normally depends on the items inside. So can you imagine if their were 60  kids in a birthday party,it will cost you ₱3,600.00 for the loot bags alone. Yes! we want the kids to enjoy but not in exchange of putting ourselves in debt. But wait a minute,I have good news for you. You can actually have this in a lower cost. If your living in the Philippines,you should know Divisoria is a place to go.

 If you know where to buy and ask for discounts,then you will be glad that your ₱1,000.00 is enough for loot bags.  You can actually choice a wide variety of toys for affordable prices. Their price range per item will be ₱8.00-₱10.00 and if your lucky you can even get it for ₱5.00 each. You read it right. The key is,buy it in wholesale. Theirs no harm of asking. Specially when they know that you will buy a lot if they will lower the cost.
When there is competition,then the price will go down. Always put that in mind. Another thing,ask the price first but dont buy it right away. You can look around.You will be surprised that they will even ask you what’s your budget for this stuff that you need. Most of the time the price will go down almost a half.😉😉😉
But of course it won’t happen all the time. Specially when your in a whole sale store. But then again always ask for the lowest price. 
So whenever you need to buy stuff,do some research first. It will give you a lot of choices without spending much.  

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