Manila Express has been connecting overseas Filipinos in Canada to home since 1985. Top management team thru the leadership of Regina Victoria Y. De Ocampo and Emmanuel De Ocampo has prioritized the value of long years of relationship with their frequent customers built on trust and reliability, offering money transfer deliveries to the Philippines nationwide. Manila Express is the pioneer and one of the major players for 32 years now in the remittance business from Canada going to the Philippines with a network of 11 branches nationwide. Its strongest hold, British Columbia has 5 branches in West Broadway, Mainstreet, Richmond, Surrey and West Vancouver and have three branches in Calgary, one in Edmonton, one in Scarborough and another one in Winnipeg with  an exclusive agent in Montreal, and other agents in Whitehorse, Regina, Saskatoon, Camrose and Fort McMurray.


-Bank Deposit

-Cash Pickup

-Door to Door Cash Delivery

-Manila Express VISA Cash Card

-Government and other bills payment

-Gift Delivery

-Multi-Currency and 

Reverse Remittance

-Foreign Exchange
It also operates with another subsidiary,

Manila Cargo Express.

It has full service branches across Canada, offering sea cargo shipment from Canada and to any part of the Philippines. It is one of the largest balikbayan box businesses in Canada with the fastest lead time in sending sea cargo to the Philippines. Manila Cargo Express  upholds high quality from double ply corrugated balikbayan box to barcoding system for accuracy and tracking efficiency. They have an online tracking system and a set of efficient customer service representatives.
Full service branches are staffed during office hours with employees who are prepared to provide our clients with superior personal service.”
For more information. Check the website at 
Kahit saan man kayo, nakasisigurong malapit kami sa inyo. Tumawag lang po and we’ll be happy to assist you! 1-844-239-PESO (7376)

11 thoughts on “PR: Manila Express

      1. Interesting history. The little I know of it is. Hope the enterprising spirit is with you wherever you are πŸŽˆπŸŽƒ


      2. I will.
        It’s something that everyone should be proud of. We need to know where we came from but we need to evolve at the same time.
        Hope you had a great day though.


      3. Cheers. No complaints from yesterday. Philippines interesting because the Spanish went there and you guys remained strong Catholics. Very fiery people originally and some adventurous Spaniards only added to it sometimes it seems when I have met your people here. The women tend to be very smart and more active in running the family units. I know a guy married to a Filipino lady and he just got fired from a business in my parent’s building. I knew this guy when he ran another business where his wife was the strength of it. Funny thing is that I know this guy and I know that he could only have been fired because he is professional and good at what he does. I never liked him that much but I don’t believe the story. I remember his wife and her daughter well enough that I have no doubt that this guy is good at his work. Funny how we know people and sometimes we know them better by those who love them.


      4. I see.
        Im sadden that he got fired though.
        Anyways we have different version of ourselves depending on who were dealing with.And I’m happy that you don’t have any complaints yesterday. Yey! We just need to attract more positive energy.
        To keep our spirit light and energetic.


      5. Maybe he was lucky to find out what sort of people he was really working for. Jobs come and go if we are any good at what we do.
        I agree with you on attracting more positive energy. I hope your week has been great so far. Full moon phase starting

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Yeah.
        And I have a busy week actually.
        We’re preparing our sons second birthday.
        I’m excited and hopeful everything will be according to plan.
        Dealing with 3 kids whose very brave to crawl,,stand and discovering the purpose of each item in the house is not an easy job.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


      7. Sounds full time. I don’t think I would sleep until they grew up.
        Good luck with the birthday celebrations. I should post a proper essay on my ageoftaurus blog soon. Got it in my mind and just sorting out how I want to frame it.
        Got some written work I need to have done by Sunday.


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