This happened a long time ago….

When the civilization doesn’t meet the technology yet. Their’s a man called Bugoy (bad boy) but his the opposite. His the breadwinner of the family. His the first born. He work his ass to provide food in the family. Like a typical Filipino family. 

His working in a plywood company and the place is still uncommercialize. They live in the community were all employees were allowed to live within the primises. The company build houses near the working place. But since the place is still in the working progress. They were also neighborhood on the other side. The nature’s spirit whose also known as Engkanto….

Every Friday night they can hear the whistle of a sailing ship.They believed thats the schedule of the arrival of the Engkantos.  It seems like it’s theyre pier.

The back of the community housing were still unpopulated. So literally,the place is still  uncultivated.The wild weeds were as tall as tree. The community is very peaceful until one day……

Bugoy acted weird. He has now a habit of cleaning the community bath tub were the people get their water supply. It happens in a particular day. And after cleaning it,he will put flowers in the tub. His reason is…She will take a bath. It should be flowery and clean.He also has a new company,that no one can see….

The people thought he was just crazy. They  laugh about him. Then one day he said: Theirs going to be an earthquake. Be alarmed. Everyone laugh again. His just losing his mind. But when the clock hit 3pm. A sadden earthquake shaken the community.The people were shock and surprised. 

His family bring him to an albularyo,the one whose dealing with spirits. And it confirms that, the princess of the Engkantos likes Bugoy. The reason why he talks to himself. The reason why his acting weird. And according to Bugoy, the Engkanto is a tall as the coconut tree and she’s very beautiful. And she wanted Bugoy to be with her. 

The ritual was made to disregard the Enchantress. They did everything they can to save Bugoy from the woman. And they succeed. Yes! but before she left.

She told Bugoy…….

Your first child will be a girl and you should call her Melanie…

Time  past and Bugoy has his own family but he keeps on seeing spirits and other elements in the dark. It seems like he has a magnet to them. He tends to fight back and keep his belief strong. But still, a lot of them visit him. Still reminding him that life is not about all you see,that we are not the only creature of this world. 

And before He died. He said a big bird visit him in his station. And a lot more..

They made it clear that nothing remains in the past.


Bugoy is my father. 

And I’m his Eldest daughter.

Today is the day he made joke when he got his first heart attacked.

He told me, it would be funny if he will die because we’re really obligated to visit him in the cemetery.

And just a few minutes that I left him…

He did die……

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