Birthday is about making another memories. Its the day of the year wherein I gave birth to my precious warrior.The time where I think the pain won’t never go away if I won’t push hard to let him out. And now all I hope is for him to be healthy and happy. For him to be able to explore this adventurous world of ours.  My life won’t never be the same and I will be forever greatful. I also wanted to personally say Thank you for all the help from our family,whose always supportive all through out. You guys do nailed it. I love, we love you to bits.😘😘😘
So here’s a glimpse…

And please be reminded not everyone likes the clown. Here’s the proof:

Anyhow,party is all about the food right?

Now check this out.

And the party goes on…..

The girls were kinda shy all day long. But of course their still such a cutie.

It’s also important to consider the number of kids to attend. So the party​ loot bags will be enough for them.

Now don’t be so stress about the party.

You’ll be fine after the event.

Also, Nikus is so happy about his party. Just look at the pictures of him smiling back to you.

Again,thank you everyone for extending your helping hands to this celebration.

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