An alternative way to ease menstrual pain

I always had headache a day before my menstruation.Its really hard to be a woman and everything.I was also irritated and hot tempered. That’s the reason why I always check my emotions when it hits.The same reason why I wanted to share how I made it during those days.
I actually drink a beer and soda. I don’t know what’s the content of it that it really suits my terrible headache. The proportion that I used is 1/4 glass of beer and the rest of the glass will be coke soda. I’m not a fan of the beer taste but it’s perfect with the soda. It also helps my system to release more blood that was stock inside. So after I drink it,I feel a lot better. And also as a mother, I’m on the go. I can’t say to my children that I’m not feeling well so they should behave. It’s not gonna happen. I also feel drained and tired. So when it happens what helps me a lot is to drink a coffee using the water of  boiled malunggay and a teaspoon of honey on it. 
Trust me. I know how it feels to be powerless but we can always choose to be healthy. Its not easy but we need to be committed on it. No one can help us but ourselves. We need to be mindful that whatever we do in our daily lives will have a heavy impact on our future. So when you feel you lack a lot of energy,why not try to look on your daily diet. 
There you go ladies. Why don’t you comment below how you survive on your monthly period?πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


24 thoughts on “An alternative way to ease menstrual pain

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      1. I see.You know what malunggay is really rich in Iron and all the nutrients. It’s called tree of life. It do helps me.Im trying to used organic medecine for a healthy lifestyle.
        And yes!I’m glad you don’t collapsed. We’re just powerless during our periods.

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  1. I always cramp on the first day and usually on the last day, too…along with a dull ache in my knees. I find that sometimes just keeping myself busy helps with the cramping (sort of a psychological tactic), but it doesn’t always work. If that doesn’t work, then usually a couple of Advil and stretching my body out on the reclining loveseat helps me until the pain subsides. Once the pain is gone, I feel less grouchy and can get on with whatever else I planned to do that day.

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