Ever feel like you can’t make it? Like you just wanted to let life do it’s magic. Most of the time we just want to setback and let it be without voicing our own thoughts.  Which is pretty normal in most cases.


Aren’t you excited to get up each morning for the life that you really want? For the life that you ever wanted. That makes you thrilled and inspired. That you always look forward to get up each morning and sleep tight at night because you have what you want the most.Then if this is the case. Don’t ever let someone makes you forget all of the above. You deserve to be happy and your entitled to be the best of you can be. Be a warrior of your own dream. Don’t shy away.Dont hesitate. The universe helps the brave one. Be thankful for every opportunity that knocks on your door. You can always rest but don’t stop making your dream comes true. It’s the only thing that we can hold on to. 

Life is a game. The one who quits never wins but the one who has the game plan finish it at the end. Let’s take it this way. When you don’t know how to play a game,you read the instructions first. Then you spend time to familiarize it and you don’t stop until you reach your goal. In between of those events,you will be tested. You will think and strategize. You will get mad and throw something to ease the anger of not winning. But then again,you don’t give up. You let the time pass and you play it again. You play to win not to compete. Just like in life. You step forward. Don’t hesitate to back off but don’t stop to move on. You should play it according to your plan. Fight for what you believe. Love as much as you can. Be compassionate. Be competitive. Be smart.Be kind. Be everything you want to be.

Be the person that you ever dream of.Be who you want to be.

27 thoughts on “Setbacks…

  1. What a wonderful post! Life is such a game, and at times I don’t feel like playing the game that life demands. I can go on about this topic, but I won’t. I will end in saying, that I wish we all can just be who and what we are and be happy in the process of it all. After all isn’t that what life is all about?

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  2. Be always happy πŸ˜ƒ
    Thank you for the follow. I hope that you too you become a grandma and you play the game till the end, like me.My eldest granddaughter is 14. She is my biggest fan. I have known setbacks and abundant happiness too. The day I quit, the game will be over.
    Have a wonderful day! Keep writing! I love reading.

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