As parents,we want to give what’s best to our kids. Pull-up diapers or pants type were such a big blessings to us. It’s really easy to wear even when the kids were running around while you put it on. And it’s also important that it’s cotton and absorbent. I’m very skeptical in buying diapers because my kids has the tendency to get rashes when I switched to different brands. So when I heard about Mamypoko  I’m hesitant at first because it’s new to my ear. But when I actually saw that’s it’s Japan’s number one manufacturer of diapers I was eager to give it a try.
So it says it has;

  1. Triple Ring Support which prevents leakage around baby’s waist and legs keeping baby cozy and active.
  2. 10 hours Absorption which is safe for all night use so baby will be more comfortable while sleeping.
  3. Soft cover like cotton which embraces baby’s skin smoothly and softly just like mommy’s arms.
  4. Super breathable which keeps baby’s​ skin dry and rash-free for maximum comfort.
  5. Cuter design which comes in a joyful and colorful design!

Important Tips!

  • Blue lines in front portion.Worn liked pants.
  • Leg gathers and waistband must be fitted and not folded over. These tips are important to prevent leakage.
  • Tear off side seams for easy removal of used diaper.

The design is so cute and it’s really cottonly like.It does what it says. They never lie about it.Check this out!

Nikus loves it so much. It doesn’t leak overnight which is really good. And so comfortable to him. 

And I can say this product is really a must have. Also the quality is good to its price.I would definitely buy it again.
And take note. I got this on 25% discount. I bought this in Lazada during their Online Revolution last November 11. It’s ₱9.67 per piece in regular price.
And my girls were excited to see what’s in the box when it was delivered.

Seems like someone’s wants to use it as well.

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