Today lets talk about shoes.Yey!Did you hear the excitement?I’m so into shoes  but the problem is,their is a big tendency that it will peel off, specially the leather one.So most of it,I gave it away. And now I stop buying for a while. This are the few one that I love the most. The key in buying is,it should be comfortable in your feet. Like you can walk using it without you complaining how it hurts. Yes!we can have all the high heels and all the shoes that’s waving on us to pick them but in just few minutes,you will be looking for flat shoes or sandals because it hurts you know.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
It’s okay to be sexy on those stilettos but you can’t wear it for a long time. So choose wisely. It’s okay to have a few but go for what’s convenient for you.

Also I do love this coat…

And I can also pair it with tattered jeans. A really flexible item on my closet.

And when you mix and match,try to be expermental. Don’t just stay on what’s okay and ordinary. We have a lot of it in our daily outfit. Once in a while,go out to your comfort zone and dare to try something new. It won’t bite you. Trust me. It’s okay to treat yourself the way you want to treat the first lady in your country.You read it right.

We have the tendency to set aside our own needs for the one that we care about. So why not care about yourself? Isn’t you important and worth any penny?Don’t ever allow yourself to settle for less. Wear what makes you  feel comfortable,sexy and cool.

 Why not declutter your closet and throw away the stuff that you don’t need and wear the πŸ‘— and πŸ‘  that makes you feel like a queen who can kick ass???


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