Most of us parents really spend time to organize our babies first birthday party. Who wouldn’t want that right? My twins were really energetic. But since I’ve experienced that it rains during Nikus birthday party,we think to celebrate it elsewhere. And it’s more easier. Why? Everything is already been prepared and the kids do enjoy the party.  I don’t need to think and do a lot of things. We just went to the party. Set back and enjoy the whole time.  We came earlier while the staff were setting up the party.

See how curious they were? They now know how to be more expressive. And I’m super happy that they were healthy and very energetic. And take note,you can choose your babies theme birthday party.So were choosing hello kitty for the twins. They have lots of options so don’t shy away in choosing yours.

Nikus.Yes,Nikus!the kid who never knows how to get tired.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My son is having a good time running around. He has this kind of unending energy.So when someone tells you having a kid is super easy,they should try to get one. Let’s see if they can last a day. But we should not forget they’re the reason why the party is so much fun!
Birthday is all about celebration and spending it with family members and friends. And with Jolibee,they make it easier. Why? it’s budget friendly. You can choose what you want and they’re very accommodating to their client.



The party started with a prayer to be thankful to our Lord God. He made all things possible. And we’re super happy that everyone were safe and Happy.

Lexi and Brielle were also having a good time.Take a look at them,they know to have fun!😊😊😊

See how beautiful their dress also? It’s cute and they were able to move freely. It’s very important that when we choose outfits to our girls,it’s comfortable to them.
Everything went well. Everyone enjoy and was having a good time.

Thank you for coming everyone!

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