Hello fellas!  I hope all of you started your year with the most passionate heart to reach your dream.  Cause I’m also doing the same. 

So today I’ll talk about my realization this month. Last week Lexi got fever for 40° Celsius and it doesn’t go down for almost a day. She got chills and  I was beyond nervous seeing my daughter on that kind of situation. We rushed her to the hospital. And for physical examination it was okay aside from the fact that she was so hot. Then the doctor asked for urine test to make sure she doesn’t have UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). I was asked if  how many times we changed her diaper because girls were more prone getting it than boys whose using diaper. I was so scared because the doctor said even babies will undergo catheter if they were diagnosed with UTI. Imagine how painful it is if it happens. Thank God the result were negative and she was okay the next day. I was just wrong for giving her the amount of medecine because she gains weight​ and it should be 4ml every 4 hours and not 2 ml,that’s why her fever went up. I’ve learned my lesson. But happy that she’s okay and were able to went home on that day.So my advice is always ask your pediatrician the right amount of medicine for your babies if they got fever to avoid this kind of scenario.

So  going back with the diaper, in our budget were actually spending more or less ₱ 4,000.00 every month. So if I’m going to compute in a year were spending  more or less ₱48,000.00 for a diaper which I throw away after we used it, which  adds to the garbage in this world. Imagine? I’m spending that much for the convenient of not washing too much laundry and to avoid not  messing our bedsheet and and pillows. And this is not actually advisable for girls because theirs a tendency that they will acquire getting UTI if your not changing them so often. But to make it clear, diaper is a blessing for a mom like me. Whose handling 3 kids at the same time. My only advice is just lessen the usage of it for your girls. 

So lets say I’ll cut the usage into half, then I can save ₱2,000.00 per month and in a year I can save ₱24,000.00 .Not bad right? I just need to be mindful of what’s good for my kids and where my money goes.  It always has pros and cons. So I suggest list all the important things that you need in a month and planned how you will able to save.

Happy budgeting!!!!

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