Being an adult means responsiveable to everything. Meaning to say from your emotions up to your finances, your in full charge. It’s really hard to deal it day by day. Growing up we look forward to be an adult one day. To be free from all the rules made by our parents and guardians. We were not informed that being an adult means being in a prison full of crimes that were capable of making. 
Let’s elaborate.  Were expected to be in full knowledge of what’s wrong and right. But what’s right anyway?

Is it following our wants and do what makes us happy? Or being mindful of our actions and to the people around us?
Okay this is the hard part. For instance, you want to be in vacation and sought after all the sale that you saw in the mall but wait, how about your obligations?  The rent, the electricity, groceries and etc..
I know, I know. It’s a nightmare being an adult because you need to be responsible and still expected to be sane at the same time. Your life will be about working,budgeting and wishing you can do everything you want in life without being crazy at the end. So we need to have a concrete plan on how to live our life accordingly. This are some tips that works for me.

  • Make a budget in everything. Right down all your expenses for the month and stick to your budget. In that way you know how much left for you to spend in your lifestyle.
  • Don’t forget to set aside your savings. Always priorities it. Let’s say you wanted to be in vacation and you don’t have a budget. Then better yet,save and cut off expenses thats not necessary . In that way you still have money to save for whatever you have in mind. 
  • Be happy without spending money. Instead of you going to the mall during weekends, why not cleaning your room and watch tv or read a book.  You will surprise how much your going to save by doing so. And also schedule your time during  shopping time and buying time.  Meaning to say you won’t bring money during shopping time, you just need to have a window shopping. You can fit the dress that you want or shoes and take a selfie. Or if you want a gadget, you can look around and canvas the most affordable price available. Then during buying time go straight buy the dress or gadget that you want and go home. Don’t spend too much time in the mall. You will be tempted to buy all the sale item that you think you need.
  • You can visit the nearest park or a relative or friends also. In that way you still have someone to talk to and to be able to socialize before you lose you mind.
  • Be mindful of your own thoughts. It might kill you. Yes! your mind is very powerful. It can do things you think your not capable of doing. So I suggest you choose what you read. Something that will inspire you and make you motivated. Stay away from depressing movies or books that won’t help your mood. 
  • Always seek motivation daily. If watching a fashion show in YouTube will lighten your day,then go! If watching how to spend wisely will make you save your money, then go on! It’s your own call. Just be productive.
  • Don’t forget also to talk to your parents and relatives. If you need support and affection, they also need to know if your still breathing darling. So make time for them as well.
  • Invest in your self. Always seek growth and authenticity. You are your long term investment. So better take good care of your health mentally and physically.
  • Eat healthy food but don’t deprived your self for the delicious food once in a while. Also, you will save a lot when you cook than eating in restaurants.

There you go. How about commenting  below on how you survive yours?

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