This is for the ladies whose heads were aching when the husband gets drunk.  In my point of view, this is actually a good opportunity to earn and learn.  Yes! you read it right. We can’t actually stop our husband with this  hobby . I think it’s really part of their lifestyle. Which up until today I can’t still understand. It’s a waste of money for me.  But guess what? You can actually earn money with it. Why? Because he doesn’t care how much he spends within the moment. You can get those extra penny on his wallet and pocket.( With a devil laugh). He won’t remember anything in the morning. So better check how much he left but of course you also need to make sure he can survive for a week. 
In our household, its a policy that for every drinking session my husband does, his obligated to put β‚±100.00 on our kids savings. Meaning to say, I’ll get it to his wallet, no question ask.  I have this belief that if his  able to waste money for beers, he also have the passion to save more for his kids. Aside from the extra penny that he doesn’t remember in the morning. πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š
Imagine if how frequent he will get drunk, the more money I’ll save. Lets say if he drink twice a week,  that’s β‚±200.00. And in one month that’s β‚±800.00. In a year that’s more or less β‚±9,600.00. Wow! a lot of money to save then.😹😹😹 
 Anyways  my money is my money. I have full control of my spendings and he will make sure he’ll survive from what’s left to his salary. So that’s how I was able to earn.
 So let’s go for the learn part.  Drunk people were the most truthful. So if I wanted to know something he will going to tell me without sugar coating it. He will have this long piece. And I was able to know what’s going on and what part do I need to change to make it work.  See? theirs always a good part in every scenario. 
So now, do you know how to take advantage of your drunk husband?

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