Chinese New year is the start of the year of the dog to our Chinese friends. So in our household I also wanted to do some of their beliefs to attract good fortune. 
So according to them you need to have 9 red envelopes with 8 pesos on it and put it on your door.

 It will welcome more money to your home. Also you need to let go of the things that you don’t need anymore to have space for new blessings to come.

 They recommend to have round fruits in the house. And Tikoy to make the family stick together. Also you need to prepare a bowl of rice and put some chocolate on it. Put also β‚± 999.00 which is the lucky numbers for the chinesse. Keep it for 9 days and save the money to your savings account or on your wallet. You can cook the rice also so The family will eat it for more blessings to come. 

 This is for the abundance of food. So more opportunity will be knocking in your door. 

 And they say this is the protection  of good health. So who wants not to be protected right?

 And light this 9 incense  for the silent prayer of your heart. You shouldn’t​ say ” I wish instead I will” will be the right words to say…

But all of this were just guide. It’s still us who will make our own journey. The journey to be better and fortunate to whatever our heart desires. We need to claimed that it’s going to happen. Be brave warrior!!!!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!!

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