Goodbye, farewell and we’ll see each other again were the same thing. They have the same denominator, I don’t like it.

 I admit I don’t like to watch sad movies and shows because my tears were shallow. I hate seeing people go and watch them suffer. No one deserves to be miserable. I don’t want to see the unhappy part. I know they’re different side of the stories. I know how miserable it is and how painful it could be. I just don’t like to promote injustice and sufferings. I have a high hopes that the day will come that no children will bid goodbye to their parents to work abroad. The day where everyone live harmoniously. That no one will feel rejected and unloved.  

We have different stories to tell and I’m hoping that yours is not all sufferings and goodbyes.  I have a realization this weekend. That every moment counts and you should make the people around you feel that you love and care for them. I always say that you should stand for what you think is right but don’t forget to used your heart as well.

Yes! let your heart at peace with your mind. Remind yourself to be grateful and calm. To be happy despite everything that you’ve been through. I stand for equality and harmony. To be truthful and genuine with your intention. We have a lot of learnings along the way and that should help us to move on and to be better not to be bitter.

 Yes! I still believe in happy life. It’s really up to us how were going to see each chapter of our lives. Be still. You will be tested and bended. You will suffer and cry but you can always, always walk away on that part and create a rainbow. A rainbow who reminds us to be colorful and look for a path of gold at the end of it.

I just hope they’re will be no goodbyes. Just good day and good night.

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