My dream destination is Santorini, Greece.  I fall in love with their structure and how it represents for  God and Goddess. It’s like living the life that I always imagine. So when I heard about this resort, I cant help but to feel excited. Imagine, what you keep in mind, that’s what your attracting too. I do believe it. So I won’t take time just to be on this destination.

You see how nice it is? Everyone will really enjoy the view and the dream Land that were craving for. This place can also cater weddings and graduation and any event just coordinate with the staff of the resort. This place is picture perfect.

Let’s go to my next destination which is Paris! Yes! who wouldn’t fall in love with the Eiffel tower right? You can just stay on the place and be cozy and be crazy inlove. Who wouldn’t care? You have the excuse. Your in Paris! The city of love. You can be damn crazy and no one can blame you on it.

 This is the replica of it. Instead of the lights and stars and crowded area, you have the trees and the blue sky above you. You can even run,jump, crawl just to have the right picture on it, on your own definition. So what are you waiting for? 

Lets go to our next destination….

Singapore! all of us wanted to visit this part of Asia. Who wouldn’t want too right?

The place is really wonderful and they have lots to offer. And just to have a picture on this part will make you smile like a teenager.
Next destination….
Disney  Land!!!

Every child at heart will really enjoy the view. Yes! I don’t need to elaborate it. Because we don’t have the excuse to stop ourselves of loving this place.
Now the last stop.

Japan! the cleanest place that I know. I fall inlove with place. They have everything that I’m looking for.

Now let’s talk about it.
For the japan villa, you have the room. An exclusive bathroom inside and 2 bathroom at the back. You can also grill and bring food inside the resort. In our case, we just put our casserole because we’re done grilling. And you also have an exclusive pool. Yes! very convenient and it will make you feel like you have your own place rented for a day.

And to top of it, the staff will constantly clean the pool while the family are enjoying the pool. That’s a plus.
They also have two more pools so everyone will really enjoy it. Take a look…

Okay they have a bonus for us. For me to be bring to Egypt. Wow! this place can kill me with a heart attack. They really know how to make our heart beat fast. Let’s take a look.

Okay! you thought that’s it?
Nope! you can also try their Kayak. This resort  have lots to offer…

 And I saw  that they still building facilities and hopefully adding more to this wonderful wonderland. A place for families,friends,lovers and even solo travelers.

You can visit their website or leave a message on their Facebook page.
Trust me. They are very accommodating. Even the owners visit to check on us when we visit. A very hands-on and nice people to transact with. I highlyly recommend the place.

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