Is it so hard to tell what you really feel or holding back the words that’s intently real?

I’m actually one of those person whose very transparent with what I feel. I don’t like pretentions or sugar coating a tamarind. I know how to hold back my thoughts but once it’s open, I won’t make a nightmare a day dream. This is actually one of the problem. Im very vocal with my opinion without thinking what other thinks because I’m speaking my own truth. I’m very open to suggestions or corrections even it stings a bit or a lot. I wouldn’t mind. As long as I know you have your point of view, either we agree on it or not.

I’m  the kind  who plan ahead and I have my own blueprint of my life. I save for our future and I know how to sacrifice the stuff that’s unnecessary. I have my own budget and I have a long term plan. So if something came along,it annoys me. A lot. I’m not angry with the person but I’m mad with their choices in life. 
How can a person be so smart but unable to plan their life accordingly. I believe age comes with knowledge but why a lot of people were not knowledgeable enough to make life a little easier. Theirs a lot of potential on this world if only we know how to used them. 

So I’m writing this for the sole purpose of making everyone knows that anything is reachable if we know how to plan and decide how to live our life. Our past stays in the past for the reason that its no longer applicable today.  We can create our own future today. Never stop until you reach your dream. What I meant to say is, never depend your dream to anybody else. Your family is not responsible for your own life. You are. 

Now you can  decide  how will you able to get it. You need to strategize, for goodness sake! No one make it the easy way. They’re will be a lot of struggle and heartache. But you go on and still do your own thing until you succeed. That’s the only way. The problem is, we want success but we don’t want to work hard for it. Like working hard for it. Darling, this world is like bed of roses. You will see how beautiful it is but you need to deal with the thorns.

Also,be careful with words. It can hurt  to the people we love when the intention is only to correct their own doings. Problematic people were sensitive and all they see is problem. And I’m thinking why they love problem so much when they can resolve it. Only if they know how to open their mind and move on and choose the other path that’s less stressful and rightful, then for sure that’s the best thing that they can do. Just dont get tired reminding them that consistent doings won’t lead them to different outcome. 
Now. Dont be troubled with words. Just say what you want to say. Be the reality that your love ones deserve to have. Maybe a punch or a cold water will wake them up from the stressful life that they’re living now.

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