I’ve heard this product a couple of time but I’m very religious to the brand that were using. As a mom, we just simply want the best for our kids. My kids are very active human beings though. I can’t cope up most of the times. Hahaha! yeah. That’s super true. So what can I do is to make sure they can enjoy their childhood without looking greasy and smelling like adult. Because they should smell like babies, right?

So I need to choose products that’s good for kids and can cope up with their active lifestyle​.


So this products were sent to us. I like the clean scent and the packaging is super nice. It  also leaves my kids skin softer even though it doesn’t lather that much. Also, this good for people who have a sensitive skin as well.  Even they sweat, and play the whole day they still smell fresh. Also the cologne has a mild scent as well. It does smell like a baby. I swear it last for for hours. Its nice to have products that’s design to make kids safe for any harmful chemicals. And it does what it says. It’s kinda pricey but it’s worth it. 

So as a mom, we need to carefully choose products that always safe for our babies. Whatever our preferences, it should be on top of our priority. This kids doesn’t know anything yet and it’s our responsibility to take care of them. And also we need to be aware of what should be harmful to them. They can’t just used our products in daily basis because they have different needs and their skin still sensitive.
Again, whatever product you’ve used. Check the label if it’s safe for your babies or not.

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