On April 6, 2018 at Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Makati  after the “Anything is Possible” Event with motivational speaker and Coach Thomas Dooley of Azkals, the documentary about the life of one of the best Philippine footballer will be highlighted  again with a movie screening. The life of Simone Rota is an inspiring story which got the interest of film makers.
“The Journeyman Finds a Home:The Simone Rota Story” opened in Manila already last month and was given a grade of A at the Cinema Evaluation Board. Now it is going on a tour in selected schools in Mindanao to help raise funds for the Mindanao 1 football talent search of coach Percy Guarin.
At AIM, attendees from different organisations as well as bloggers and media will have the chance to watch the 67 minute long documentary which is all about Simone’s off and in the pitch struggles and on how he found his peace. The film also tackles his search for his biological mother who abandoned him at Buklod Kalinga. So the question is if he manage to reunite with his biological mom Sonia Tulay? Tulay handed the four-month old Simone to Italian Franciscan missionary mother superior Flora Zippo.
In spite of the struggle, this Filipino- Italian footballer Simone found solitude in football. There’s always a psychological effect in every human being when you’re big enough to understand that you’re an adopted child and that was left by his teenage mom in the Buklod Kalinga orphanage in Parañaque in 1984. 
God always has a way to help, An Italian couple Maurizio and Marilena Rota adopted him and another baby Valentina and brought them to Milan, Italy where they grew up. In Milan, he grew up playing football. He then became a professional footballer and played for various professional teams. But in 2013 he got interested in playing for the Philippine National team, the Azkals. So everything is history. 
To know more about the movie and to help, please contact 09778978877 (Tag Media and Public Relations), 09954560892, or 09189414522. Check also https://www.facebook.com/TheSimoneRotaStory/

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